Grandparent Rights

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Over five million children in the United States reside with their grandparents, and while that number has doubled over the past ten years, there are still times when grandparents need to use the legal system to secure their rights and to provide for their grandchildren’s needs.

In most states, grandparents may petition the court for reasonable rights of visitation with the minor child so long as it is deemed to be in “the best interest of the child.” In New Hampshire, a court may award visitation rights if the child’s parents are divorced or have filed for divorce, one of the parents is deceased, one of the parents has had his or her parental rights terminated, or, if the child has been born out of wedlock, the child has been legitimated. Adoption cuts off all rights of grandparents.

Grandparent Visitation Cases in New Hampshire

If you are a grandparent and have concerns about protecting your right to visit with your grandchild, contact the experienced grandparent visitation attorneys at Patriot Law Group in New Hampshire. We have law offices and client consultation centers around the state.

Grandparents May Seek Guardianship in Certain Situations

Rather than seeking mere visitation, certain situations arise when parents are unable to parent a child adequately. In these situations, grandparents often petition the court to gain guardianship of their grandchildren. This grants the grandparent specific rights and responsibilities either in conjunction with the parents or in substitution of the parents.

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The issues relating to grandparent visitation law are basically the same everywhere, but each state court handles the law a little differently. Even within the state of New Hampshire, some judges have their own customs, policies and procedures. For that reason, it is very important that you get good information from an experienced grandparent rights attorney who practices day-in and day-out in your area.

Grandparent Rights Consultation

Dealing with grandparent visitation issues can be stressful. Get the home-court advantage by hiring a local attorney who is familiar with how grandparent rights cases are handled in your court.

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